New funding period begins

Dear EDDA network members and friends

We have received the decision for funding 2016-2017. For mobility we got 16 000€, and for the development project 23 960€. Unfortunately we did not get any funding for the intensive courses, but better luck next year.

We will need to know how many teachers and students will be interested in EDDA mobility from each institution (teaching, study, or internship), so that there would be a strong argument to apply more mobility money during the fall. We will need to know by the beginning of October. So, please, make sure your students and teachers will send the applications to the network coordinator mira.kallio-tavin(at) by the October 7th. Please note that this deadline is only for partner institutions, individuals can apply any time.

Please, take also note of the internship possibility for students – there might still be possible options for the summer, and fall and spring for sure.

I hope your busy semesters are coming to their ends soon and you will have some time to rest and enjoy the nice summer!edda_banner


Edda summer course – Human Rights and Visual Art Education

From 17th – 21st of August 2015 Human Rights and Visual Art Education was held at the Department of Arts Education at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavík in collaboration with Edda Norden. 43 students from the Nordic and Baltic countries attended the course.

The course attention was on human rights education and the opportunities inherent in the arts and in art education to increase focus on human rights. Theories of human rights education, diverse ideas on art education and art events were examined, that all seek to raise awareness of human rights. The final results took the form of art works and events in public spaces.

Course leaders were Ásthildur Jónsdóttir, Susan Gollifer, Karsten Arvedsen, Helen Arov and Kirsten Skov.

EDDA Norden

EDDA Norden is a network for Nordic and Baltic Higher Art Education institutions, and it functions under Nordplus. EDDA Network includes 12 members from all the Nordic and two Baltic countries. The goals are to increase Nordic art education collaboration and develop contemporary approaches in art teacher education. The network provides a platform for students’ and teachers’ exchange. Members can invite teachers from other member institutions for teaching visits. Students and teachers can apply for long term and short term exchanges. Members work actively on development projects to increase better international work opportunities for art educators. Currently, the development project aims to advance internships for art education students in culture institutions in EDDA partner countries. EDDA also delivers intensive courses and offers them to the partner institutions.